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What is Orthodontic Treatment? 

Orthodontic treatment is a treatment method used to correct the cases where the teeth are crooked, the jawbone is in a way that disrupts oral health, or it is located in a way that may cause other health problems. In the orthodontic treatment process, the tooth alignments are alined with the apparatus used on the tooth surfaces or other than the tooth surfaces, or the jawbone is placed where it should be.
In the most common orthodontic treatment, small brackets suitable for square tooth sizes have adhered to the tooth surfaces and wires called arches, which are suitable for these brackets and attached to the brackets, are used. The distorted teeth come into alignment over time with the help of this bracket and wire. In orthodontic treatment, different orthodontic treatment methods can be used according to different dental and oral problems.

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How is Orthodontic Treatment Applied? 

There are some stages when applying braces treatment. These stages are as follows;
First, a mouthpiece is placed in the mouth. The reason for this is to make it easier for the dentist to access all tooth surfaces.
The tooth surfaces are cleaned by the orthodontist. Thus, tooth surfaces become suitable for bonding brackets.
Afterwards, the adhesive is applied to the brackets and the brackets have adhered to the cleaned surface of the teeth.
Adhesive applied brackets are cured with the help of blue light for a certain period.
Wires are placed on the adhered brackets according to the needs of the treatment.
As a final step, tires are attached to the brackets so that the wires do not come off. Braces treatment is completed.

How Long Does Braces Treatment Take? 

The duration of orthodontic treatment may vary depending on the crookedness of the teeth and the structure of the jawbone. Another factor that determines the duration of braces treatment is age. As age progresses, it may increase the duration of treatment, as it becomes difficult for the teeth or jawbone to take shape. If there are minor distortions in the teeth, the treatment period may take up to 5-6 months. If there are bigger problems, the duration of treatment can be determined as 2 years, maybe longer. The duration of orthodontic treatment may vary depending on your care for braces. If your brackets are frequently “broken” or dislodged, the duration of orthodontic treatment will be extended accordingly.

Depending on the duration of treatment, there may be questions about how often to go to the doctor in orthodontic treatment. To explain this point, during the orthodontic treatment, a doctor should be visited every 4 weeks, more often or longer if necessary. Your doctor will make your examination plan for you.

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In Which Situations Are Orthodontic Treatment Applied? 

Orthodontic treatment is a treatment method that is mostly applied to correct the distortions in the alignment of the teeth. Of course, orthodontic treatment is used not only for the disorders in the alignment of the teeth but also to treat the disorders that have occurred in the jaw and jawbone. In other words, orthodontic treatment is basically applied to correct 6 different tooth and jaw disorders. These 6 situations are as follows;

Overbite; It is the condition that the teeth in the upper jaw cover the teeth in the lower jaw more than they should. In other words, if the upper jaw is ahead of the lower jaw, orthodontic treatment is applied.

Underbite; It is the situation where the teeth in the lower jaw are ahead of the teeth compared to the teeth in the upper jaw. In other words, if the lower lip exceeds the upper lip, orthodontic treatment is applied.

Crossbite; It is the closure of the lower jaw and upper jaw in the form of test closure.

Openbite; It is the case of closing the posterior teeth but not closing the anterior teeth. This situation can be corrected with orthodontic wire treatment.

Gaps; In case of tooth loss due to genetic or other reasons, orthodontic treatment can be applied to close the existing gaps.

Intricate; It is the overlap of one or more teeth. Not enough room on the jaw can cause crooked teeth. In such cases, orthodontic treatment is the most common treatment method.

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What are the Types of Braces? 

In orthodontic treatment, there are different types of braces according to oral and dental problems or suitable for the social life of the patient. These types of braces can be determined by the dentist considering the condition of the disease and the social life of the patient. It is possible to talk about 3 different types of braces used in orthodontic treatment. These types of braces are as follows;

Transparent Braces; These types of braces are braces used in a “porcelain” or “transparent” form, where the brackets are the same as the tooth color. Transparent braces are considered more aesthetic than other braces. However, the maintenance of the brackets should be more careful, as they are less durable than other types of braces, especially metal brackets.

Metal Braces; It is a type of braces that is more durable than other types of braces. For this reason, it is the most preferred type by orthodontists. From an aesthetic point of view, it is not as aesthetic as transparent braces.

Invisible-Lingual Braces; This type of braces is known as “invisible” braces. This type of braces is applied by sticking to the back surfaces of the teeth, not the anterior surfaces the teeth. This type of braces won’t go unnoticed by other people unless you specifically show it. It is the type of braces most frequently preferred by patients with aesthetic concerns.

A healthy and beautiful smile for everyone.

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Orthodontic FAQ

Is it a problem if the jaw is forward or backward, although the tooth alignment is straight?
Since the position of the jaw is forward or backward affects the closing of the teeth, it should be treated.
In orthodontic treatment, there is only braces treatment?
Braces are generally used to correct the alignment of the teeth, but with the developing technology, transparent plaques, porcelain brackets and brackets fixed to the back surfaces of the teeth can be used.
What happens as a result of the bracket falling off?
Falling of brackets on tooth surfaces prolongs the duration of orthodontic treatment. Therefore, the brackets should be glued back in place as soon as possible.
Can impacted teeth be replaced with orthodontic treatment?
If the impacted teeth cannot find a place to come out, if they are impacted, they can be performed with orthodontic treatment.

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