Smile Design

Let your smile change the world.

What is Smile Design?   

There may be wear and tear on the tooth surface that may occur in the mouth for many reasons. These deformations in the mouth are not aesthetic and prevent people from smiling comfortably. At this point, the smile design brings the smile of the person back to the person. There are many ways to smile aesthetics. These ways; 

Teeth whitening application 

Bonding Procedure

Porcelain laminated coating

Zirconium veneers

Orthodontic treatment

Pink aesthetic application

Implant dental treatment 

Treatments such as these are the treatments used when designing a smile. A new smile is designed for the patient by applying the above treatment methods to the patient’s teeth or gingiva with these treatment methods. While applying smile design treatments, the patient’s other problems in the mouth are eliminated, and the person’s smile gains an aesthetic transformation. There are steps to be considered while designing a smile. These steps are as follows; 
The patient’s discomfort points and the treatment methods determined in line with these points and patient satisfaction.
Analyzing the patient’s face shape is another important step. In line with these analyzes, a new smile design should be made for the patient.

A healthy and beautiful smile for everyone.

What Processes Does Smile Design Include?

There are many treatment methods to reveal a new smile design. When choosing these treatment methods, the dentist should analyze the patient’s mouth and tooth structure. The dentist should pay attention to analyze the patient’s needs, the patient’s demands, and the patient’s mouth and face shape while choosing the most suitable smile design treatment methods for the patient. Smile design treatment methods should be decided together by the patient and the dentist, according to the patient’s gender, patient’s age, and the patient’s face shape. The treatment methods applied for smile design are as follows;

Gingiva lift application, also known as a pink aesthetic treatment, 

  • Inlay Composite (Aesthetic Composite), 

    – Onlay Composite (Ceramic Fillings), 

    – Zirconium Crown, 

    – Full Ceramic Crown (E-max treatment applications), 

    – Lamina Porcelain Coating application 

    -Teeth whitening 

    – Dimensioned Tooth Design methods 

    • Orthodontic Treatment,
    • Implant Dental Treatment

    Applications such as these are the preferred methods for smile design treatment. 

A healthy and beautiful smile for everyone.

How to Smile Design?

The smile design is designed in harmony with the face, paying attention to the patient-specific design and natural appearance. The following points should be considered when designing a smile;

The lengths of the teeth

Arrangement of teeth
The health status of the gingiva
Tooth color
Gingiva color
Patient’s gender
The compatibility of the patient’s teeth and lips with each other
The most important point is the compatibility of all these with each other
These are issues that need attention and analysis. It is important to consider the patient’s expectations from smile aesthetics during the smile design process. It is necessary to measure the teeth according to the needs and demands of the patient, to analyze the health status of the gingiva, and to make plans accordingly. If there is no need for orthodontic treatment as a result of analyzing all these,
First of all, the dimensions of the gingiva are measured and shortened if necessary
Later, missing tooth treatment is started.
All these processes are shaped according to the needs and demands of the patients.

A healthy and beautiful smile for everyone.

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Smile Design FAQ

What is Smile Design?
It is an aesthetic treatment method in which the aesthetic compatibility of points such as teeth, gingiva, and lips is analyzed and a personalized “smile” is designed.
What are the Factors to Consider in Smile Aesthetics?
Lip shapes, tooth lengths, gingival condition and color, tooth color, and the order of teeth are the factors to be considered while designing a smile. Tooth color, tooth length, and gingiva should support each other and be in harmony.
How to Smile Design?
While designing the smile, the length of the teeth, the condition of the gingiva, and the teeth, gingiva, lips, and facial contours are analyzed. Then, a smile design is performed according to the individual and the proportions of the person.
What is the Timeframe of the Treatment Period?
The duration of treatment varies according to the patient’s complaints and wishes. If we are to give an average time, it can be between 2 and 15 days.

A healthy and beautiful smile for everyone.

Smile Design İsdentbul

Which is one of the technology and modern dentistry treatments, we present to your smile an aesthetic appearance as well as being natural with smile design. We design the most suitable smile for you in line with the needs and demands of our guests. Have a healthy mouth and teeth as well as a natural, aesthetic smile with the Smile Design treatment.

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